Made for a Goddess

AZ - Wrap Dress

$104.99 $149.99

***Australia Made***

This is Made for a goddess Signature wrap Dress. This timeless and effortless dress brings Luxe to your wardrobe.

This versatile dress can be styled and worn endless ways, complimenting your body.

Perfect for all occasions - wear it during the day and change your look with the same dress, for a evening out. Enjoying a summers night sipping on a cocktail, looking sexy and feeling comfortable, this dress was made with comfort in mind.

This dress is designed to contour your body and allowing you to smooth out any unwanted lumps.


The perfect dress for travelling , Vacation  ,Resort  wear, Beach, Fold away into your suitcase , no need for ironing! (YAY)

- This dress will have you standing out from the crowd.

- Made in Australia

- one size

- Polyester/ Spandex

- Hand wash /delicate machine wash in cold water

- Length 2 meters 

- Width 127cm ( Spandex, Which allows you the choice to fit loosely or tight to complement  your body) 

- Dress with PLENTY OF wrap around MATERIAL (Provides you full coverage or less as you like)



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